Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rayban Aviator & Wayfarer Rare Sale!!

 Rayban Carton Paper Box

 Rayban Cloth and Booklet

 Rayban Paper Bag

Rayban Sling Bag

 Aviator Luxottica Polarized RB3025P 001/58 MEDIUM 58mm

 Aviator Luxottica Polarized RB3026P 001/58 LARGE 62mm

 Aviator Luxottica RB3025 L0205 MEDIUM 58mm Gold Frame

Aviator Luxottica RB3025 L0205 MEDIUM 58mm Gold Frame

 Rayban Aviator 3026 (Atas) Rayban Aviator 3025(Bawah) Black Frame

Rayban Aviator 3026 (Atas) Rayban Aviator 3025(Bawah) Gold Frame

 Club Master Luxottica RB3016-01 Black/Gold

 CATS 5000 Luxottica RB4125 (Black)

CATS 5000 Luxottica RB4125 (Tortoise)

CATS 5000 Luxottica RB4125 White Frame 722/32

Folding Wayfarer RB4105 601S

 Folding Wayfarer RB4105 710 (Black)

 Folding Wayfarer RB4105 710 (Tortoise)

Polarized Wayfarer RB2140 901/58 MEDIUM 50mm

 Rareprint Wayfarer RB2140 1018 (Flower)

 Rareprint Wayfarer RB2140 1020 MEDIUM 50mm

 Rareprint Wayfarer RB2140 1028 (Map)

 Rareprint Wayfarer RB2140 1046 (Cartoon)

 Rareprint Wayfarer RB2140 1052 (Colouring Button)

 Rareprint Wayfarer RB2140-A 1016 (Rayban White)

Rareprint Wayfarer RB2140-A 1017 (Rayban Red)

 Wayfarer II RB2143 919 MEDIUM 50mm

 Wayfarer II RB2143 955 MEDIUM 50mm

Wayfarer II RB2143 956 MEDIUM 50mm

Wayfarer RB2140 901 LARGE 54mm (Black)

 Wayfarer RB2140 901 MEDIUM 50mm (Black)

 Wayfarer RB2140 901S LARGE 54mm

  Wayfarer RB2140 901S MEDIUM 50mm

 Wayfarer RB2140 902 (Tortoise)

Square Wayfarer RB2151 902 MEDIUM 50mm

 Wayfarer RB2140 902/57 MEDIUM 50mm

Wayfarer RB2140 955 MEDIUM 50mm

 Wayfarer RB2140 955 LARGE 54mm

 Wayfarer RB2140 956 LARGE 54mm

Wayfarer RB2140 966 MEDIUM 50mm

- Authentic and Original Rayban Wayfarer Rareprint & Aviator
- Size: M (50mm) and L (54mm). 
- Made in Italy.
- Lens is G-15 Lens. Include 1 year warranty.
- Guaranteed 100% Original and Authentic item.
- Include Ray-Ban red box, sunglasses, hard case, book guide, authenticity card and cleaning cloth
- Contact 0179552993 for best price. (SMS only)
- Payment via Maybank, Cimb, Bank Islam, Bsn
- First come first serve while in stock.

- Thanks for viewing

Monday, July 29, 2013

Vintage Lacoste Combo

Size M
Pit 20 length 27
Condition 9.5/10
Made in Japan
Single Stitch


Vintage Combo Kain 5050

All vintage item
Condition overall in good condition
Pit 20
Kain 5050
Single Stitch
Made Usa


Vintage Sergio Colar White

Size M
Pit 20 Length 26
Condition 9/10
Made Japan
Single Stitch