Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to identify original Rayban Aviator Large Metal

Aviator Large Metal comes with original Ray-Ban casing, original Ray-Ban cloth and a booklet.

Logo on Right lens

Ray-Ban logo is on right lens for all original Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Model Number - Marking on Left Temple

The model number RB3025
follow by model name Aviator Large Metal
follow by colour code L2823
and the size 58 14

Made in Italy or USA? - Marking on Right Temple

1998 Ray-Ban Luxotiica Group bought Ray-Ban and moved the production line to Italy.
Bausch & Lomb (B&L) do not produce Ray-Ban anymore, so all new models that claim Made in USA will be fake one.
Look for Made in Italy sign if you wan 100% Genuine Ray-Ban.

Marking on the lens

All original Ray Ban Aviators have RB marking on the left lens.
Make sure that the position of the marking is correct when checking for authentic Ray Bans.

Marking under the bridge

There should be marking under the bridge for all original Ray Ban Aviators.
RAY-BAN following by the frame size 58 and bridge size 14.
RAY-BAN 58 14


There is a RB logo inside the nosepad of original Ray Ban Aviator Large Metal.

Holding of Nosepad

Notice they way the nosepad is fix to the frame, it is not screwed on.

Aviator Screws

Those screws used in Aviators are all top quality screws which were anodized and painted over, they wil last very long.
If you notice Aviators with cheap looking screws, probably its a fake Ray Ban.

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